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Bloom Where You're Planted

Here we are, one year to the date.......

We left for Spring Break at my district campus in March 2020 and we didn't return until the end of the year.

A pandemic so one knew what to expect.

The questions, the thoughts, the conspiracy theories, the weird videos, the cryptic messages, the ideocracy, the facts, the fake news, the shared articles, the debates, the science, the psychology, the politics, the continuous debauchery of 2020 was almost unbearable.

This time last year I was about 12 weeks pregnant, avoiding public places like the plague (no pun intended), and administering speech therapy to my students via Zoom. I was also teaching Zoom dance classes in my vacant dining room space so that friends could kill time, get exercise, and have something fun to do.

It was a wild ride, that whole experience. Carrying my baby was frightening and surreal, but also extremely restful. It gave me time to absorb the experience and appreciate what was happening inside of me. It was also an exceptional blessing to be at home with my husband. Working from home and resting during the first two trimesters of my pregnancy was wonderful.

In spite of the world falling around me, I felt safe.... and so grateful.

Silver linings.

Flash forward to 2021 and here we are again, but in a much better place........I think.

Babies were made, babies were had, a vaccine was created, social revelations have happened, and people.....people are coming alive to realize their full potential. I have seen so many friends start taking their lives by the reigns and truly start to step into their authentic selves. Including myself!

It's so exciting......watching your friends and family bloom into the people that they are meant to be. I see you all stepping into your potential, friends.....and I'm so proud of you.

I think we are all reaching a place in this lifetime where we aren't concerned with how we are perceived anymore. We are living our truths by following our hearts and our dreams. I blame time for that...and if you've read my blogs this far, you know what a creature time is for me, personally. Having time to slow down at home and listen to our idle minds has brought goals and dreams to fruition. We are planting seeds where we live, we are appreciating and feeling grateful for the foundations of our lives.

I am watching people grow in so many different directions.....

Starting small businesses

Traveling to that place

Writing that song

Getting that tattoo

Being inspired to play instruments

Taking up new hobbies

Selling cool things

Cooking those meals

Taking those beautiful pictures

The world was/is sick, but it gave us all time to stop and revel in ourselves..... to water and feed our souls and our spirits. To appreciate our health, our loved ones, our friends, and the good things happening to us in spite of the bad.

Whomever sticks around to grow with you ......those people are the roots in your life.

I think a lot of us discovered who was meant to stick with us forever, while other's were only meant to stick with us for a season.

We move forward without them. We continue to grow. We continue to bloom and step in to our destiny.

That's what I love about flowers.

Such a symbolic little specimen to the human existence.

It starts as a small seed, it grows through a short time span, sheds petals and old things, and then turns withered and passes away. Yet, in that short existence, it never misses the chance to turn its face to the sun.

That's also what I love about the spring.

Everything together pollinates and blooms (while our allergies flair), animals give birth to new life everywhere, and like New Years Day.....we sort of get to start over again. We grow through the trials and tribulations of the seasons ahead.

A little reset.

We're planted, we grow, we bloom, we pass on.

We're planted, we grow, we bloom, we pass on.......

Friends, this is your opportunity. If you haven't begun, start your Spring Cleaning NOW! I want to encourage you that if you are suppressing anything in your life that you should have grown through, grown away from, or you're still holding on to things or people that just don't matter.....I hope you find a way to shed those dead petals. Find a way to reach for the sun again, grow again...bloom again.

I created this pretty spring line of earrings in hope that, when you wear them, you'll remind yourselves that while life is cyclical, allow yourself to enjoy the newness of the spring season, and the opportunity to begin again.

Everything is temporary, but the short span of time in which you live, the people that you touch, the colors that you show....those things are forever.

Continue to reach for the light and bloom where you're planted.

- Lindsay

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