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Meet Wesley James Co.

Wesley James Co. provides a wide range of hat and jewelry designs that meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, I make sure my pieces are creative and exceptional. I am proud to be one of the most reliable and creative designers in the Spring, TX area. Get in touch with me about custom hat designs or browse the shop at your leisure. 

About My Company

My name is Lindsay Graham, and I am the owner and founder of Wesley James Co.


I have spent the latter part of my life creating artistic imagery through dance and choreography, and I always felt my best when I wore pieces that reflected my inner spirit.

The pieces that you see here on my website are designed in the comfort of my home in Texas. Every landscape or botanical detail is drawn by hand and finished with flame. Every hat is different and every piece is unique. 

Since its establishment in 2020, Wesley James Co. hats have been worn across 25 states in North America and have traveled into the hands of customers as far as Australia. It has been an overwhelming sense of joy to watch my small business continue to flourish each year, and I invite you to be a part of the movement. 

Whomever you are, wherever you may creative....and stay carefree. 

- Lindsay 

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I work from my personal address. No physical location.


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